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General Overview

General overview

Quantum secure communication solutions take the centralized control station as core to carry each terminal node, add quantum communication equipment in the centralized control station and terminal nodes to construct the quantum secure communication platform, provide the secure communication support for the transmission of customer's important data.

The quantum secure communication network is scalable capability, the terminal node can be upgraded as the new centralized control station, and the new user terminal nodes deployed by the quantum communication equipment can access the centralized control station as much as you want, then there will construct a larger scale quantum secure communication network.

Realization way

Quantum secure communication solutions seamlessly integrate the mature fiber quantum communication technology and products into the traditional network to form a highly reliable data transmission platform, the business scope that the platform can cover includes all the IP network data, such as business analysis, processing, official documents handling, process approval, voice and video conferencing etc. In this network mode, the security of information data in transmission process is greatly enhanced, therefore ensuring unconditionally secure communication for customers. 



To establish a standard quantum secure communication network, the backbone network with centralized control station as the center should be built; quantum communication equipment should be deployed in each end-user point to achieve quantum secure communication. The following diagram depicts the comparison of business mode before and after the integration of quantum secure communication network into traditional information security service. It shows that the integration of quantum communication mode does not change the existing network structure and business mode. By adding quantum communication equipment (such as quantum encryption terminal and quantum communication terminal) at the user network boundary, the transmission link security level of existing IP network will be improved and unconditional secure communication will be realized.