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Key System Exchange Cipher Machine

SJJ1963 Key System Exchange Cipher Machine is a quantum key management product with fully independent intellectual property rights owned by QunatumCTek and commercial secret qualification. It meets the requirements of security level II of GM / t0028-2014 "Security technical requirements for cryptographic modules" and GM / t0039-2015 "Security test requirements for cryptographic modules".

SJJ1963 product has functions of quantum key distribution control, key management,  key relay, key output, etc.It is generally used in quantum communication backbone network, but also Metropolitan Area Network. It belongs to the control layer terminal equipment in the quantum secure communication network. This device can build a quantum secure communication network together with quantum layer equipment, management and control layer service system and application layer equipment to provide quantum security services for user data. 

This product is 19-inch 4U standard rackable enclosure, and suitable for  utilization in the equipment room of data communication.


characteristics parameter
maximum number of application device connections 2000
maximum number of quantum key distribution terminals accesses 32
maximum key storage space 32GB
minimum quantum key exchange rate 6Mbps


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