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Micro-processor Compensated Variable Optical Attenuator, MEMS Type

This product is an independent control module for MEMS VOA, and suitable for the situation where optical path is controlled by programmable attenuator. Using this controller, one is easy to realize accurate attenuation controlling with large range for the MEMS device. The controller contains the following characters:

(1) Easy to be integrated in quantum products.The MCVOA module attenuates the signal to the target scale (within the error range) under the commanding voltage.

(2) The error parameter fitting of MEMS VOA is independent, and accomplished with the corresponding UI software before delivering.

(3) The fitting data, which is stored in the module, keeps even when the power is off.

wavelength 850nm / 1550nm
number of channels 1~4
attenuation range 0~40dB
operating voltage 5V
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