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High-Speed Quantum Key Distribution Terminal

High-Speed Quantum Key Distribution Terminal QKD-POL1250-S series are QKD products with fully independent intellectual property rights owned by QunatumCTek. This series implement decoy-state BB84 protocol with polarization coding scheme to realize high-speed or long-distance quantum key distribution, and provide the quantum key that can't be eavesdropped or deciphered for the quantum secure communication network.

This series of products are 19-inch 4U standard rackable enclosure, and suitable for utilization in the equipment room of data communication. With the superiority of high speed key generation rate and long distance transmission, QKD-POL1250 are mainly used in backbone network and intercity network.

QKD-POL1250-S can be divided into two types: QKD-POL1250A-S (Transmitting in simplex mode), and QKD-POL1250B-S(Receiving in simplex mode). The two types can be connected together to execute QKD process, and provide secure quantum key.


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