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Metropolitan Area Network Quantum Key Distribution Centralized Control Station

Centralized Control Station, a large equipment integrated with functions of Quantum Key Distribution,Optical Chain Switching and Quantum Key Integrated Switching, etc., is mainly used in switching nodes of large-scale networks, connecting numerous QKD chains of metropolitan area network and high performance QKD chains of backbone network. Supportive to QKD network switching and capacity expandability, it is designed to facilitate construction of scaled quantum communication networks in a flexible and economic way. Centralized Control Station is also integrated with Quantum Key Management Service System, responsible for quantum key generation control and quantum key switching control of all nodes within its jurisdiction.   QuantumCTek Co., Ltd. boasts the networking technology based on centralized control station, winner of China Patent Excellence Award and Anhui Patent Gold Award, which has been by far practically applied in quantum secure communication networks such as Beijing-Shanghai Backbone Line,Wuhan-Hefei Backbone Line, and numerous metropolitan area networks including Beijing MAN, Shanghai MAN, Jinan MAN, Hefei MAN, Wuhan MAN, etc.


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