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Optical Switching Machine

Optical Switching Machine series realize the time division multiplexing of quantum channels, which are important products of quantum secure communication network. This series of products are located in the convergence node of the network, which centrally manage the network channel resources, and reduce the complexity and cost of the quantum communication network.

This series of products include two different types called matrix type and all-pass type.

The matrix type is made of cross fiber links to support signal exchange, which is mostly used in key relay machine with the capability of QKD terminal Seagate expansion and backup.

The all-pass type supports up to 16 channels of optical fiber links, and each channel can be connected to each other. This type of machine shows a good performance in multi-user Metropolitan or Metropolitan Area Network.

characteristics parameter
working wavelength 1260 ~ 1650nm
number of channels 4×8 matrix/2×24 matrix/8 ports all-pass/16 ports all-pass
insertion loss ≤1.5dB@1550nm
crosstalk isolation >80dB


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