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Polarization Coding Quantum Key Distribution and Management Terminal

Quantum Key Distribution and Management Terminal QKDM-POL40-S series integrate Quantum Key Distribution and key management in one enclosure, and have fully independent intellectual property rights. This series implement decoy-state BB84 protocol with polarization coding scheme to provide the quantum key that can't be eavesdropped or deciphered for the quantum secure communication network, and ensure secure storage and management of quantum key.

QKDM-POL40-S products are 19-inch 4U standard rackable enclosure, and suitable for utilization in the equipment room of data communication, and mainly used in Metropolitan Area Network.

QKDM-POL40-S can be divided into two types: QKDM-POL40A-S (Transmitting in simplex mode, Type-A) and QKDM-POL40B-S (Receiving in simplex mode, Type-B). Type-A and Type-B can be connected together to execute quantum key distribution.


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