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Technical Advantages


QuantumCTek has a systematic line of products for quantum secure communication, divided into various family series according to application scenarios and performance specifications, and covers comprehensively on demands for access, convergence and backbone network. The quantum secure products have achieved industry leading performance for key specifications. Smooth upgrade and continuous value-added services are provided to customers through iterative for later stages.

QuantumCTek provides systematic and reliable solutions for quantum secure communication that have experienced the most extensive and in-depth testing and promoting. The served sectors cover very extensively:

Related Cases

Network Design

QuantumCTek has successively built the world's first large-scale metro area quantum secure communication network-Hefei metro area quantum communication demonstration network, China's first quantum communication network with financial application-The financial information quantum communication verification network of the Xinhua News Agency, the quantum communication security system of certain important national activity, Jinan quantum communication network. The products and solutions of the company also support construction of the first quantum secure communication network among the world-"Beijing-Shanghai Backbone" quantum network. Besides, the company's products and solutions are extensively used in quantum secure communication network and backbone transmission among diverse scales in more than ten key cities and regions of China. The company will continue to serve national defence, government affairs, finance, energy, transportation, e-commerce, cloud computing and other important areas. Presently QuantumCTek has become the brilliant enterprise that can provide whole set services and solutions ranging from project design, equipment production, to network implementation, network operation and maintenance of large-scale wide-area quantum communication network.

Engineering Application

The products of QuantumCTek has experienced a long time engineering verification. They have already been deployed in national quantum secure communication "Beiiing-Shanghai Backbone" project that covers a distance as long as 2000km, and also a large number of financial and commercial sectors as well as government departments including a certain core department, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Bank of China, the Bank of Communications, the China Minsheng Bank, the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the Hefei Government Affairs Network, the Jinan Metro Area Network, the Alibaba Cloud etc for employing quantum secure communication services.

System Security Design

Design of QuantumCTek products follow strict implementation of information security protection, consider intensively security design requirements of both quantum and classic domains, and are immune to known quantum hacking attacks via full-scale protection strategies. Full hardware solidification is maintained for realization of core quantum cryptography protocol, which could avoid any intrusion attack from classic network. The products and systems have passed defense and security evaluation of relevant institutions for both classical and quantum attacks.

Testing and Certification

Under support of governmental agencies, the company has established open platforms for domestic industry participants (plan, design, development, production, and test). It provides test, verification, and evaluation services for the quantum core device, module, whole unit and system. At the early stage of the industry, the company has already unified a number of peers to deliberately carry out interoperability and compatibility design, and to promote formation of industry specifications and national standards.

Consultation Service

Transformation from classic information security to quantum security involves in providing solutions much more than only technical advance. Tailoring for industrial and commercial users, along with those market application development enterprises, QuantumCTek offers a whole series of solution including technical consultation service, feasibility evaluation of quantum secure technology application, design of preliminary program and other issues, which will promote the public to enjoy merits of quantum information and quantum secure technology, and make it easier for speeding up technical popularization.