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Technical Advantages


QuantumCTek has developed systematic quantum communication network support system, including:

  • Quantum operation and maintenance system

  • Quantum network management system

  • Quantum key management and service system

The newly-launched of an open platform product that coherent the industrial chain ----- Quantum Safe Service-Mobile Engine (QSS-ME)

Tailored for different needs, QuantumCTek can either provide customizing system, or jointly develop application system tightly coupled with business demand. Therefore it will make every effort to bridge any gap between quantum information technology and practical application system, and offer industry users with integrated and complete application platforms.

Meanwhile, QuantumCTek has achieved a variety of transmission equipment or service platforms with quantum security features, such as high-speed channel encryption machine, quantum VPN and quantum secure router etc, which support video, audio, data transmission and many other common and new business. It has formed innovative integration in authentication, storage, signature and other technical aspects, which provides very convenient application access technology for enterprise users.

In order to provide a solution to the LAST MILE from resources of quantum keys to mobile terminals, QuantumCTek Co., Ltd. creatively devised an open platform - QSS-ME which is cohered the industrial chains. Based on the QKChr, QSS-ME enables the quantum key resources to be integrated into mobile communication equipment through quantum secure media products (“quantum safe U shield” and “quantum safe TF card”) and shows infinite possibilities of application extensions.

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