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Technical Advantages


QuantumCTek has been making intensive research on manipulation technologies for generation, modulation, transmission, switch, reception, and detection on quantum state of light etc. It has developed precise and high-speed decoy-state photon source, low-noise switching equipment for quantum channel, high efficiency low-noise photon detection technology, as well as quantum state protection technology in terminal and channel robust to disturbance. It takes the lead in development of gigabit level of repetition rate in quantum generation, modulation, demodulation, detection etc. It has been continuously improving quantum channel capacity to make practical and engineering applications become possible.

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At the same time, through scheme innovations and continuous breakthroughs in core devices, the company's products are immune to channel disturbance, and are resistant to harsh environments including high temperature as high as 50 degrees Celsius, frequency vibration, strong electromagnetic field and other channel effects.

QuantumCTek has cooperated with the State Grid in Anhui province, and carried out successful QKD field test on communication optical fiber cable associated with 200kV electric power circuit. Key generation is achieved under electric aerial optical cable, with a link attenuation of about 15dB, and enduring extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow and so on during all of four seasons. The tested system is polarization encoding QKD equipment with function of auto-compensation for line disturbance. The actual test results show that the tested QKD equipment can adapt to complicate and unstable outer circumstances, and enable universal application capabilities under different geographical conditions and climatic environments.

QuantumCTek cooperated with the State Grid in Shanghai city, at the turn of the spring and summer of 2017, and carried out QKD field test on the aerial OPGW communication optical fiber cable channel of electric power system, with a link attenuation of about 21.3dB in coastal area. The communication line is associated with mixed 550kV and 220kV electric power circuits.

The tested apparatus is a new type high speed time-bin coding QKD equipment. The actual test results show that the tested QKD equipment is able to work steadily under strong wind environment in coastal region. The real performance of the equipment is independent from changes of channel polarization characters (presentations of mechanical and stress disturbances in the line), and is immune to fast, random disturbance of outer lines, which demonstrates its outstanding capability to operate under a variety of tough working situations.

QuantumCTek is a leading edge technology company among independently controllable core devices of quantum communication. It has developed international advanced frequency up-conversion waveguide devices, electro-optical modulators, polarization controllers, and jointly developed communication band avalanche photodiodes and other key components. In the meantime, the company complies with technical development trend of quantum communication, and coincides with evolution path of integrated product development. It has been taking the lead in setting up a professional team for carrying out optics, electronics and system-level integrated development, optimizing its product structure and cost, and enhancing ability of large-scale engineering application.
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By smartly and effectively utilizing the wave particle duality of photon, QuantumCTek has developed quantum random number generation technology in real-time situation, with generation rate ranging from megabit to gigabit or even higher. The randomness roots in quantum physics process and can be strictly proved by entropy theory of physics, while output data can pass a variety of test suites for validation of random number.

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