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Tianyi QuantumCTek Cloud of Anhui Telecom is Officially Put into Commercial Operation


Recently, the cloud service of crime crackdown platform of Suzhou Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Anhui Province, the cloud service of emergency management platform of Suzhou Emergency Management Bureau, as well as the cloud platform of the Mayor’s Hotline 12345 of Suzhou have successively moved to the "Tianyi QuantumCTek Cloud" jointly created by Anhui Telecom and QuantumCTek (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which is also the first commercial quantum secure cloud product launched by Anhui Telecom. In February 2020, Anhui Telecom joined hands with QuantumCTek (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and established the "Tianyi QuantumCTek Cloud" in Suzhou. With quantum secure technology as a protection means of cloud security, this project achieved the integrated innovation of quantum secure technology and cloud security protection technology, greatly improving the security protection capability of the industry cloud.